7 Auction Plugins For WordPress in 2020


Are you looking for the best auction plugins for WordPress? Or, just any auction plugin for WordPress? With the right plugin, you can turn your WordPress website into a cash machine! Whether you want to build a small auction website or the next eBay, with these 7 auction plugins for WordPress you can undoubtedly go for it.

Auction plugins for WordPress

1. YITH WooCommerce Auctions

YITH WooCommerce Auctions

YITH WooCommerce Auctions is one with a wide range of features that would make eBay jealous! You can not only set up auctions with your own product catalog but also offer affiliate sellers the possibility to add products to your online auction house. You can then receive a percentage of the sales price when a product is sold. It is also possible to add a “Buy Now” button to a product.
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2. WP Auctions

wp auctions plugin for wordpress

WP Auctions is a complete auction program that you can easily add to any WordPress website. After activating and configuring you can immediately start adding products. And what kind of products can you auction with WP Auctions? There are hardly any restrictions. From cars and motorcycles to real estate and from antiques to taxidermy, it is all possible!
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3. Ultimate WordPress Auction

wordpress auction plugin

The Ultimate WordPress Auction plugin is a very user-friendly tool for those who want to set up their own online auction house, but do not have any programming skills. Once you have activated the plugin, you can immediately add items that people can bid on, including a detailed description and up to 4 images with the free version. The interface is also easy to understand for buyers. They can offer with a credit card and PayPal, and turn on notifications so that they get instant messages when they are outbid.
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4. WooCommerce Simple Auctions


Whatever products you want to offer, with WooCommerce Simple Auctions you have made an online auction house of your WordPress site within half an hour. The plugin offers numerous features that make it a real competitor to eBay. You can set price increases per bid, start times and end times. Potential buyers can register by entering their payment details. When someone wins the auction, the payment is automatically processed, after which you can send the product. It will not be simpler!
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5. WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin auction plugin

The aforementioned plugins offer you the possibility to set up auctions ‘from scratch.’ Now you might wonder: is there a way to put the auctions that you have already created on eBay on your WordPress site? The answer is yes! The WordPress Automatic Plugin offers you the possibility to import all kinds of things from eBay (and social media). After installing the plugin, you can log in with your eBay login details. Then you can link your active eBay auctions to a page on your website. The plugin updates in real time. So when you add a new auction to your eBay profile, it automatically appears on your website.

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6. Auction Nudge

6. Auction Nudge

Do you want to add more to your website than just your eBay items? Then Auction Nudge is the ideal plugin. You can add your full eBay profile to your WordPress website. This is particularly useful if you already have a respectable eBay account with a good feedback score. When a visitor lands on your site, he/she sees the products you are currently selling, your account on eBay, and your reviews as a seller.
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7. WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Auction Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Auction Plugin is a plugin with which you can create 4 different types of auctions: Standard, Incremental, Automatic and Reserve. Admins can add people who can offer products. On the user side, there are also many useful functions. For example, buyers can opt to bid automatically if they are outbid. They can also have automatic e-mails sent when they are outbid or when an auction they follow is terminated.
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Still not found what you are looking for in our list of auction plugins for WordPress? You can also opt for a complete auction theme, such as Responsive WordPress Auction, an auction theme for WordPress.

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